1. S

    Internal Stone Wall Options

    Hi all, Hope everyone is well. I'm looking for advice on plastering stone walls in my place. I have a Victorian property where all the walls (internal and external) are solid stone with thick horsehair plaster/ lime and multiple layers of wall paper. Some of the external walls are quite damp...
  2. M

    Looking for lime plasterer in Sheffield to apply lime-based insulation internal walls

    We're looking to have our victorian semi (solid wall, stone) replastered in lime, as well as adding some insulation. We want to do our open plan living/dining room first up and then may do the rest of the house a bit later on to spread cost. Hoping to find someone who can apply something like...
  3. M

    Looking for someone to apply lime-based internal solid wall insulation in Sheffield

    Hi All, We're looking to insulate our Victorian sold stone-wall semi in Sheffield. Looking to get the living room/dining room done first and then look to gradually do the rest of the house over time to spread the cost. Ideally we want to try and avoid gypsum/insulated plasterboard systems to...
  4. Katelynmach

    Plaster fireplace

    I have this faux stone wall behind my wood burning stove. I wanted to add more mortar or plaster in between and over some rocks to give it that overgrouted rustic look Like the photo I attached. I’ve done tons of research, talked to some contractors and still cant figure out what material to...