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    Lime Plaster sourcing, mixing, and curing

    Hello, first post on this forum, so apologies up front if I'm repeating any common DIY issues... We have a Victorian mid-terrace, and I'm currently renovating the spare bedroom. I've done my research, and have settled on going down the wood-fibre IWI route, however, sourcing plaster has become...
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    Looking for lime plasterer in Sheffield to apply lime-based insulation internal walls

    We're looking to have our victorian semi (solid wall, stone) replastered in lime, as well as adding some insulation. We want to do our open plan living/dining room first up and then may do the rest of the house a bit later on to spread cost. Hoping to find someone who can apply something like...
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    Looking for someone to apply lime-based internal solid wall insulation in Sheffield

    Hi All, We're looking to insulate our Victorian sold stone-wall semi in Sheffield. Looking to get the living room/dining room done first and then look to gradually do the rest of the house over time to spread the cost. Ideally we want to try and avoid gypsum/insulated plasterboard systems to...
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    Internal Insulation next to window, advice please.

    Hi. I'm hoping to get internal insualtion on two adjacent external walls. The issue is that on one of the walls we have a window right up to the edge of the wall. We are probably replacing the window so could look at making it smaller in width to allow the internal insulation to attach to some...