lime plaster

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    Lime Plaster sourcing, mixing, and curing

    Hello, first post on this forum, so apologies up front if I'm repeating any common DIY issues... We have a Victorian mid-terrace, and I'm currently renovating the spare bedroom. I've done my research, and have settled on going down the wood-fibre IWI route, however, sourcing plaster has become...
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    Selection of Trim Tex plastic angle beads and tape surplus to our project, available on eBay. Ideal for lime where you can’t use galvanised steel
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    What Happens if Latex Paint Is Put Directly Over Lime Plaster?

    Hello Plasterers, My boyfriend and I recently completed our first plaster repairs on our 1900 house. We used Structolite for the base coat and a finish coat of lime, crushed marble and plaster of paris. Now we're wondering about painting. To be specific, these rooms have old wallpaper that's...
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    Orange staining and plaster taking a long time to go off - limelite skim

    Hi all We're currently renovating our 1898 end terrace house and have started skimming our external walls with limelite. All sections of wall that have been skimmed so far have been perfect but the section between our chimney breast and back door has reacted very strangely. Initially, the...
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    Plastering inside a fire place

    Have a brick fireplace that needs plastering; I’ve been told to do lime plastering for it. Which lime is needed; hydrated or hydraulic? How long will it take to cure/set til can paint over it? And will it need to be a specific type of paint? Fireplace is going to have a 4kw log burner/multi...
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    Smooth finish on Lime Plaster

    Customer would like a smooth finish similar to multi finish, unfortunately the wall needs to breathe so I've explained that multi is out of the question. Previously tried using Wykamol high impact finish which doesn't create the desired effect they want. From my experience you'll never get a...
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    Which lime plaster

    Hi. For those who use lime plaster : Any advice on lime plaster brand? Doing also small quantity for interior repair ? Thanks
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    Lime plaster conduit protection

    I've read many threads (some true, some not) about cement corroding copper, MDPE, cables sleeving etc. Could anyone tell me if lime plaster reacts with anything or if it's safe to bury things directly? Trying to work out what can be put in the walls unprotected and what will need conduit etc...
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    New to breathaplasta lime plaster

    Hi just about to use some of this for the first time. I have a marshalltown and a speed skim.. and other tools. I ave a few little holes in old plaster and these surfaces. Any tips on using it on them? Do I need to put on anything onto it before the plaster? Many thanks!
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    lime plaster skimming how to do corners

    Hi, I'm experienced plaster, but only recently started to work with lime plaster. I'm wondering what's the best way to do internal and external corners? Are there any tips you could share? So far I have tried evening it with wet brush but never managed to achieve perfectly even results. On...
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    Lime plaster -vinyl paint applied

    We just bought a house and didn’t realise it had lime plaster on the interior walls until now. Sadly two days ago we applied one coat of dulux vinyl paint. Should we try and strip this off with a chemical stripper or wait and see what happens? Thank you, Sarah
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    Looking for lime plasterer in Sheffield to apply lime-based insulation internal walls

    We're looking to have our victorian semi (solid wall, stone) replastered in lime, as well as adding some insulation. We want to do our open plan living/dining room first up and then may do the rest of the house a bit later on to spread cost. Hoping to find someone who can apply something like...
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    Rising damp in bungaroosh house

    Hello everyone We’ve recently moved into a house in Brighton which is made of bungaroosh. It looks like the external render has been replaced with sand & cement. It’s likely that the external walls contain a slate damp-proof course. The internal walls are mostly gypsum plaster (although one of...
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    Sand cement render on top of existing plaster

    I have a bowed solid exterior wall that needs levelling out upstairs in bedroom in my Victorian propety so I believe no cavity wall. By most it is out of level by about an inch in middle. Wall was already plastered with multi finish and bonding applied in some places on top of original lime...
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    Help identifying plaster type and preparation

    I am renovating my house in the UK which was built in circa 1900 and have exposed some plaster underneath a couple of layers of wallpaper which I have now managed to remove. I am not sure of it's age or whether the plaster is lime based, gypsum based or something else, thus how original it is...
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    Lime Plaster Skim

    Hi, Hoping someone will be able to help answer a question about lime skimming (pictures attached). I've recently moved into an 1860 solid stone cottage with lime plaster used throughout the internal walls. I intend to stay true to the original specs by using lime on the 'outer' internal walls...
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    Lime novices in need of help!

    Hi guys! Really hoping someone’s able to help. We have an 1850’s Yorkshire stone terraced cottage. We’ve recently had our internal lounge (facing external wall) and fireplace wall removed of gypsum. It’s about 20sqm. We were quoted £3k to have it plastered and the guy said we’d be better off...
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    Lime plasterer required listed building

    Hi, we have been in our new house (which is 500 yrs old and grade 2 listed) fit a little while and we are discovering that the old owners have made quite a lot of poor quality repairs that we would like to right. We require an experienced lime plasterer who can also take on normal plastering...
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    What kind of plaster is this?

    Hi All, I've just bought a new property project, doing a full refurb, but I'm not sure what sort of plaster this is, lime or sand cement. Or can I just Febond /Pva and use multi finish? Seem high suction, was thinking a tight coat of hardwall first. Thanks
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    Please help!Plastering Victorian bare brick walls.

    Hi, Ok guys Ive got really conflicting information and its driving me crazy. I'd appreciate your help please. Small side note: I've got hardly any experience with plastering and what very small amount I do have is using gypsum plaster. So I had to hack the existing plaster of my victorian...
  21. Bauwer

    Lime based renovation render Rasolite, repairs of traditionally built properties

    This is to introduce our highly breathable lime based renovation render Rasolite. Rasolite is a high performance breathable one skim coat for buildings with sound, but ageing existing painted or plain facades, including painted renders in need of restoration. It has exceptionally good bonding...