Looking for a pointer and plasterer (and a bit of guttering possibly)

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Dr Locks

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Hi. I have a crumbling back wall - the outside wall needs pointing and the inside kitchen (and small utility wall) needs the plaster knocking off (I suspect) and re-plastering. This might also require some guttering doing, so if someone could undertake all aspects of the job that would be great. If not I am happy to get a roofer or other trade to do that. I work in trade myself so understand there may be a delay / waiting period and am happy with that - as long as we get the work booked in. Please ring me directly on 07493 586524. We are in South Bank, YO23 1JA. Thanks, Mel


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    crumbly back wall.jpg
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Nice part of the world there near the racecourse, don't know if there's anyone on here from York though.
Agree great place York is, some brilliant architecture, I went last year for a romantic weekend away