Jointing, Filling & Skimming Free Samples for Feedback

Make Good

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We're Make Good and we've been supplying B&Q and TradePoint with a 10kg bag that is used for jointing, filling and skimming. Our range of ready-mixed and powder fillers is launching in December and we're looking to give away free samples bags for contractors to test and offer their feedback. If you buy your supplies from B&Q & TradePoint it would be great to hear from you. Product info below:

If you're interested in trying some free product, get in touch @ for more information.
Xmas has just come early for vincey.

Let me tell you wether it's good bad or indifferent, he will give it rave reviews and tell us it's ground breaking stuff.

Be warned however his track record is appalling.
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Can you send it by fast courier,I need to hear vinceys bulshit as soon as possible please,I love his daily updates,advice to lower mortals and how you can make your business better.Hope you are ready to learn Make Good.
His other job is advising the Greek government on money saving and investments!
I've been using it while re-decorating my house , it's a decent filler stronger than easifill but still easy to sand. Also used it to fill along some feathering in on a job for a really fussy customer. Havent tried any jointing with it because I've done enough of that sh#t .