1. O

    Plasterboard repair to original plaster

    Hi all, Need some newbie advice, had to repair a couple of broken breeze blocks in a dividing wall. Ended up replacing with a wooden frame so I could run radiator pipes into the wall at the same time. I plan to plasterboard over the frame and blend this into the old plaster with a light skim...
  2. R

    Metal Corner Tape

    With most rolls being 30 metres, what are your thoughts on bigger rolls (i.e. 50 metres) or pre-cut lengths? Standard lengths or made to order lengths? Would this be an advantage on site?
  3. A

    Anyone tried the new plaster in B&Q 'Make Good' (seen it in other places too) I was Impressed

    it was cheaper, it felt good on the trowel, it went on well and spread well. the Adhesive was class, grabbed instantly, dried quickly, smooth to mix. i have been impressed so far.
  4. Make Good

    Jointing, Filling & Skimming Free Samples for Feedback

    We're Make Good and we've been supplying B&Q and TradePoint with a 10kg bag that is used for jointing, filling and skimming. Our range of ready-mixed and powder fillers is launching in December and we're looking to give away free samples bags for contractors to test and offer their feedback. If...