1. M

    Is my skim coat dry??

    I decided to skim one wall in my bedroom as new electrics were being put in. I've put a before and after picture, my question is why is half the room still dark after 2 weeks? I bonded the chased parts out, PVA'd the entire wall and then used Thistle multi finish once the PVA was tacky. Is there...
  2. A

    How to get old walls ready for paint

    Hello all, thanks for helping me. I have a 4 walled room and ceiling to sort out. Walls had multiple layers of painted wallpaper that has been stripped Ceiling has a painted texture thats likely just paint with a mop finish not actual texture, just blobs of paint. The walls have some white...
  3. C

    Someone going over your work.

    How would people react if someone you’re working with continuously goes over your work double, after you’ve speedskimed an brushed. They do it again. After you’ve flattened in your second coat they’ll come an do it all over again in front of you. With a different trowel. Leaving it rougher than...
  4. D

    Skim Coat En Suite

    Hi, I have just had the wet shower area of my ensuite dry lined. The plasterer is now skimming all the walls over the plasterboard. I thought I had asked for aquaboard instead of normal plasterboard. I was going to ask him to change it to aquaboard. However, he has assured me that the plaster...
  5. B

    Ceiling flatness after skimming

    Okay I'm probably over thinking this and obsessing over small detail, but my plasterer just finished up skimming newly boarded ceiling and previously skimmed/painted walls a few days ago. Now I'm not expecting walls to be level or flat because my house is old Victorian so everything is out of...
  6. O

    Plasterboard repair to original plaster

    Hi all, Need some newbie advice, had to repair a couple of broken breeze blocks in a dividing wall. Ended up replacing with a wooden frame so I could run radiator pipes into the wall at the same time. I plan to plasterboard over the frame and blend this into the old plaster with a light skim...
  7. P

    Double layer soundpanel

    Hi - i am doing a double layer of 12.5mm soundshield plus & soundbloc board onto insulated studs, i have finished the first layer with pretty much whole boards and have about half required full board for the second layer plus load off offcuts. Would I be alright using offcuts (about 150x1200mm)...
  8. L

    Skim coat

    Hi guys... Have got hold of 5 bags of gyproc skim coat to use... Any advice?
  9. S

    Skimming with plasterboard adhesive.

    Forgive my potential sacrilege. I need to skim a small room that has new plasterboard (walls and ceiling). Getting board/multi finish plaster is hard these days as everything is out of stock. However, I have surplus knauf plasterboard adhesive, and you know, everything is hay in hard times...
  10. K

    Board finish b*ll***s

    Alrite chaps Never use board finish usually, but the guy has bought a s**t load for this job. Long story short, put on and trowel up as normal but seems streaky when troweling up. Weather is abit cold and s**t so not sure if that's anything to do with it. Any ideas?
  11. A

    Help - My worker has skimmed using Easi-filler

    Hello, Please could somebody help me with my query as I am utterly confused. We bought a house and gutted it all out. I required a plasterer to skim the walls and to put plaster boards on ceilings and in the new loft conversion etc. I chose a Ltd company whose quote was the highest thinking I...
  12. perfectplastering


  13. REFINA s*p*r*lex 3 first go 3rd trowel loving it plastering

    REFINA s*p*r*lex 3 first go 3rd trowel loving it plastering

    REFINA s*p*r*lex three , first go 3rd trowel loving it plastering this ceiling new out of packet and trowelling up well leaving the ceiling smooth and flawle...
  14. T

    Hot skim

    OK, searched the forum and didn't get a cut'n'dry answer so here goes... Chimney breast to skim around multi-fuel stove. Cement board on metal stud construction with areas that will exceed temperature for gypsum plaster. No problem with priming but... What high temperature finishing plasters...
  15. Spreadinator

    Keeping walls clean while doing a ceiling,

    hi all. I'm new to the forum but I've already picked up a wealth of knowledge and tips that have improved my work and got me home ealier. So thanks for that. I wouldn't say I'm a messy spread but every now and again the odd Splodge ends up on a wall... I usually just clean it off as I go. I...
  16. J

    Looking for plastering/labouring work. North west

    I'm currently looking for any plastering or labouring work in the north west area. I have many years of experience labouring and I'm currently learning how to skim. I'm from the Bolton area and have my own tools and willing to travel. My number is 07547526798
  17. Make Good

    Jointing, Filling & Skimming Free Samples for Feedback

    We're Make Good and we've been supplying B&Q and TradePoint with a 10kg bag that is used for jointing, filling and skimming. Our range of ready-mixed and powder fillers is launching in December and we're looking to give away free samples bags for contractors to test and offer their feedback. If...
  18. R

    Advice Wanted, Kitchen Ceiling

    Hi all, Brand new to the forum today. My kitchen ceiling has been plastered (family member, long time ago) and you can see 2 distinctive cracked lines where the plasterboard joins and it's fairly uneven, to be honest with you. When the lights are on you can see how uneven the ceiling is...
  19. J

    Preparing for the plasterer

    Ive asked a plasterer to come and skim walls this week in my kitchen and bathroom but I'm not sure if the walls are as prepared as they need to be. He's not very advanced with Internet etc so trying to send him pics doesn't work. There are a few holes in the wall from where the electrician...
  20. B

    Young lad after work please read..

    Hi everybody I hope everybody is well, I've posted in this forum a few times asking for work but I've had no look, let me explain my situation a little..I've always been a labourer for plasterers since I left school and I've always wanted to take plastering as a career choice, but I know...
  21. James Mulvenna

    Is Skimming Dying out?

    I have worked in various places/countries and most of Europe for example stopped using skim a long time ago. Ceilings are generally MF laying grid or Dry lined. Walls are generally one coat machine plaster or else (like many refurb's) ready mixed Sand cement usually out from a machine...
  22. S

    Large plaster repair & re-skimming

    Hi I need to repair a pretty large hole in the old plaster (see picture). I have removed all loose plaster down to the masonry and need some advice on what type of plaster to use to fill the hole. The hole is about 1m by 40cm by 1.5cm deep. I am new to plastering. Should I apply a browning...