Fury Vs Paul

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Looking forward to this Tbf there’s been a lot of boxing and ufc on lately been good to watch


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His dad will be devastated so I want it 4 that aswell.kmagine a fury getting beat by a youtuber Disney kid
If any of you want to watch the best this country has to offer, the National Amateur semi finals are live this weekend on You Tube. The link is on the England Boxing website . I have a vested interest as I have a super heavyweight who should end up in next weeks final. Going pro in March hopefully.

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Fury pulled out of the fight !!wtf ?
Saying he's I'll or somat ??

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Fury pulled out of the fight !!wtf ?
Saying he's I'll or somat ??
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And back in the real world of boxing, my super heavyweight Harv Dykes boxes in the National finals this Saturday. At the weekend he pulled off 2 big upsets. Saturday he beat England Boxing’s golden boy William Howe and Sunday beat the GB number 1 Courtney Bennett. Not bad for a little club near Brighton.
Your super heavyweight are you a trainer bud?