Flinnyman vs the skimming machine

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Shhhhhhhh your gonna f**k my plan up :)
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truth hurts ive had dealings so you cant comment that its low

Truth doesn't hurt Gibbo. You haven't ever done business with myself and never even met me.
We can all have our own views on people, whether they would share them face to face is another question.
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I have to say i think gary rightly or wrongly would have the same opinion of anyone whether in person or on the forum. He can appear to be a miserable c**t at times but he ain't two faced lol

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It's a shame when something like this could be so positive and a good laugh but at the same time is turning into a personal and petty argument. I don't like it when peoples families are brought into it. No need IMO. Keep it to who's involved.


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Will Ryan be back after the low blow?! He was putting the machine forward aswell. I'd put my eze in with the skim setup but that doesn't make a fair match for the machines that mix :coffe:


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As usual naked twister is the only true way to sort this

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