Flinnyman vs the skimming machine

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Feel that way now this thread has gone boring and south, all I wanted to see was was a match "man v machine" with some light hearted fun thrown in , think there is a few off us just wanting to see if a machine is worth the investment for the type of work we do
Was gonna start a new thread but thought I might as well keep it in here save the confusion :) so let's say we get a promoter and the match is on, its either one on one or more. So the TPF is holding its first xplasterer competition ( no pun intended if we lose) lol I'm looking for someone to labour if the rules say one and one. I'm also looking for another plasterer and a labourer if it's 2-1. I'm looking for good men or women please show your interest by pm xx
I been busy today not only am I selling all the vegetable's to throw at codfather I also now have t-shirt's printed in honour of him losing..£7.99 each

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Anyways I got to go , been out on my mates birthday Bank holiday piss up and just nipping to get a kebab before chippy shuts
Good night
Have a good one

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Well I am over whelmed with the amount of people who have sent me a pm to be in this challenge :) I will reply to everyone of you when I get a chance x