Could someone explain to me about Damp Proofing?

I have never seen a case of rising damp where it has not been penetrating damp...

I would love to be proved wrong but I have to find it....

This video shows capillary action... but it does not defy gravity

I've had to treat many parting walls between two properties over the years, often with access to both, where there is zero penetrative problems. Just rising.

Also done s**t loads of tests, injections, non injection, slurries, dpm's, rising can definitely be an issue.

Often though at any sight of moisture low down, it can be misdiagnosed as rising by a survey or someonewho doesn'tknow what they'redoing.. You could pop outside and see massive holes in pointing or downpipe or hopper cascading down the wall collecting at the bottom. Injection wouldn't solve that.

I've even had surveyors mistakenly spec this.