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  1. H

    Damp proofing failed?

    Hi, I’m looking for a some advice. As a single female living on her own, I’m wanting to avoid being fobbed off or stitched up. A bit of info. My house in a terrace, built in the 1830’s, and yes, I know, I will definitely be prone to damp! The house was gutted before I moved in and renovated...
  2. K

    Rising damp in bungaroosh house

    Hello everyone We’ve recently moved into a house in Brighton which is made of bungaroosh. It looks like the external render has been replaced with sand & cement. It’s likely that the external walls contain a slate damp-proof course. The internal walls are mostly gypsum plaster (although one of...
  3. T

    Could someone explain to me about Damp Proofing?

    Hi there I just wondered if someone could help me out and explain to me the various solutions on how to fix damp and how to know what type of damp it is in the first place. (Rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation etc) Currently i sub contract to a couple of businesses that plaster and...
  4. surreygirl


    Hello All, I own a flat where we are having the whole of the outside render removed and re-rendered as it has become porous over the years. Also whilst the render is off I would like to have a damp proof injected to help witht he damp. I know a lot of people are skeptical about damp proof...
  5. S

    Screed damp proof a concrete clay Subfloor which has a suspended timber floor

    Hi All, I'm in desperate need of your help and advice on a damp issue I need to resolve. I have had various diagnosis by surveyor specialists confirming lateral and rising damp (I'm not going to debate the whole it's a myth concept so if you don't believe it exists then please spare me and...
  6. G

    insulate whole property outside or inside the Cold room

    Hi there I have a 1930s bungalow which has had really bad condensation / Damp issues in the main room This room is also the coldest room of the property and doesn’t heat well with central heating (we always use an oil heater for inside the room) I have been advised to unblock the vent(...
  7. G

    Damp + condensation + cold room fitted wardrobes 1930s Bubgalow

    Hi there I’m looking for some help and in desperate need for advice I brought a 1930s bungalow in the summer and started to notice mold and wet on the ceiling corners forming as the weather turned. I then started to experience soaking wet Walls in all corners of the exterior walls - from the...
  8. N

    Damp Proof Plasterers wanted - full time rolls

    Hi, we are a local damp proofing company covering North East England. We are looking for full time plasterers who have experience in damp proofing. Please email me on dampandtimber@live.co.uk if you are interested. Role is urgent so please get in touch asap. Thanks Neil (Marsden Damp...