sand and cement

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    Hairline cracks on scratch coat

    Hello, The S&C scratch coat on a brick wall has some cracks as shown on the photos attached. Raised with tradesman and he said it will be fine once top coat applied but wanted to get opinion here if this is considered more than just hairline cracks for peace of mind. Thanks
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    Best process to fix and plaster this wall

    Hi all, I am looking for some advice on how to fix and plaster this room / wall, pictures attached. I have just purchased a 1960's ex-council property, removed the wallpaper and found that the plaster behind it was blown and needed removing, behind the blown plaster looks like a cement render...
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    Angle beads - Sand and cement

    Hey everyone, I have an old fireplace here which I would like to chip back to the brick and sand and cement before skimming with multifinish. I've attached a picture below. I plan to use steel angle beads for the corners - should these be placed when the scratch coat is still wet? Once the top...
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    Need some advice

    I've been plastering for 5 years and have recently started taking on private jobs, but this one has me stumped. Customer wants an exterior wall rendered but it's not so straight forward. Long story short it's either side of a doorway, one side has a 2inch reveal and the other side has no reveal...
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    DIY rendering help

    Hi there as a farmer I’ve no right to be on here!:censored::LOL: But every time I search for answers on google and come here I get ‘you’ve reached the maximum amount of views’ so here I am. Currently building our class q, I’ve done the roof, cladding and fair bit of the groundwork’s, builders...
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    Sharp sand for rendering?

    Have been asked to match this render for a client... Only a small garden wall. Have always used plastering sand only .. She doesn't want a textured paint on.. Am I right in thinking if I add sharp sand to the top coat it will achieve something simular to this finish? Slightly concerned with the...
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    Medium v coarse sponge float

    Hi guys.. . My client has asked for a grainy finish to her render... I advised painting with Sandtex after floating up but she insists she just wants to. Use the paint she already has.. I was wondering if I used a coarse sponge float will it bring more. Sand to to top. And appear grainier than...
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    What kind of plaster is this?

    Hi All, I've just bought a new property project, doing a full refurb, but I'm not sure what sort of plaster this is, lime or sand cement. Or can I just Febond /Pva and use multi finish? Seem high suction, was thinking a tight coat of hardwall first. Thanks
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    Advice needed please - monocouche over new sand/cement or start from scratch

    Hi all new here and very much in need of some advice please? I've had a browse and look around to see if this question has been answered before but couldn't quite find a scenario as specific (older existing render, not new) so hopefully you knowledgeable lot can help :) Basically we're in the...
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    Aquapanel rendering.

    Hello all. I specialise in Timber Frame extensions and usually finish with aquapanel and a parex product. The extension I am building at the moment needs to be matched with dash to the house. Has anyone ever applied aquapanel, maite and mesh as usual and then once dry, one coat sand and cement...
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    Fairy Liquid in Sand and Cement Mix

    So, I am really looking for some advice please. I am in the process of having my lounge replastered, husband and I stripped the room back to the brick and ripped out the dodgy cracked ceiling. Plasterer was recommended by my neighbour (he'd recently had some work done by this guy), anyway I...
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    Stucco help

    Hi guys , I Just wanted to ask a couple of questions . I usually use waterproofer in my sand and cement mix for the scratch coat and the same again with lime for the finish coat . I was talking to a couple of lads last week and they only ever use feb externally and no lime . Is that ok to do ...