1. Wayners

    Sticking beads on. Oh no. Not this again!

    Tried everything from super glue to foam. From grip fill to nails. Found the best stuff is polymer mastic. Sticks to everything Inc wet pva. Thin bead of mastic and on with the metal beads and plaster straight away of following day. Whatever. Simple. Holds really well from the start. Like this...
  2. H

    Newbie post beads.

    Will plaster stick to sticks to s**t turbo just I want to use it to put beads on?
  3. Wayners

    Stick beads on with glue gun?

    With talk here about sticking beads on with tape I had a thought yesterday when fixing new rope to cat pole. Would a electric glue gun work to hold beads? 240v and 110v and battery available. Sticky with a quick setting time. Tempted to try...