3 bed semi detached replastering

I don't mind @Steveio but at times he's a dick end of
I think stevieo needs to go back to truck driving he definitely knows more about that then what he knows about Plastering..how long you been spreading for my old m8??
I think stevieo needs to go back to truck driving he definitely knows more about that then what he knows about Plastering..how long you been spreading for my old m8??

I actually have done. I think I said.

The difficulty if you're doing it on a jobbing basis is to somehow find a way to expand what you can do and stay within your limits so you don't get angry customers if you're brave and don't quite pull it off. That's next to impossible on your own - thing is, when I got back on site, the money was very disappointing. The lads were on £12.50/hr, but there's turning up early to get to site and finishing late to do that's not paid, vans tools and fuel considered, they might have been actually pocketing between £8-10. That's not much for a college job or one that took years to learn starting as a labourer.

Trucks is £13, maybe £14 for nights and you're paid for every minute. No awkward customers, no jobs falling through and no raining off. All clocked, all paid.

Although a day on site is a lot more fun than 15 hrs in a truck, with night out, 15 hrs in a truck is £225, and a run to Glasgow is £156 without breaking a sweat. Plus, that work will be there again tomorrow. Plasterer is always looking for another job.

When you put it like that, the future is a no-brainer. Make a proper living during the week and keep any plastering that comes in for weekend work. So long as you can get in and out of a domestic room in a weekend, that works well. Just choose your jobs carefully and be honest enough - both with the customer and yourself - to say no when it's appropriate.

Agree with zombie on the cancer bit??your sense of humour is obviously f**k**g twisted ..

Humour is not subject to taboos. Whatever you want to joke about, you'll always find somebody who doesn't like it. Snowflakes want rules in place that make sure that nobody can ever be offended and then you end up with TrigglyPuff

and policemen knocking on people's doors about jokes on facebook.

Plasterers Forum is not an American Campus safe space but what I won't do is attack you personally.
As expected..full of shite ..I have family that have died of cancer so before you open your ex military mouth have a little think about what you are saying?
There was a lad the forum who recently lost his mum to it and was looking for help with graft..yes plasterers are thick skinned fellas and we all like a laugh but I draw the line when it comes to joking about cancer..
Hi guys.

Im looking at having my home replastered.

I have a 3 bed semi detaches house. Two double bedrooms one single. One of the double bedrooms need taking back to brick and replastering along with ceiling same with the single bedroom. The second double it has airline cracks so this needs attention. My hallway, stairs and landing also needs taking back to brick and replaatering.

Living room 3 walls and a ceiling, kitchen 3 walls and ceiling touched up.

Also new squirting boards being added.

Would anyone be able to give an estimate on how much this will cost?

well said mate,I've lost 6 family members in 10 years and found out last week my cousins got it.T***s like that whi I'd love to hear say it face to face the t**t.
don’t worry I’m not afraid to speak my mind when it comes to c**ts joking about cancer..put it this way the big mouth had nothing to say in his reply to justify his actions apart from talking a load of bullshit and bluffing his way out of a deep f**k**g hole he was in..the best he could do was send a you tube video??best course of action for these arseholes is “name and shame”..