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    broken trowel

    I have a 2 metre straight edge but dunno if I could get a good finish with it? Another option I am considering is disc cuttering down a shovel and grinding the edge off
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    broken trowel

    Lads serious question I am working 20 miles from the nearest town centre I have just gotta room on 2 coats was about to start troweling up and I have only gone and stood on my trowel and broke it I don't have any spares in the van or the time to go get one or get one of pals to bring one out...
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    help lads

    I am winding you up lads. As the model professional that I am I would never do such a thing plus I have my excellent reputation to think off. CT plastering I see you know your stuff pal. Hope all you lads have had a good day
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    help lads

    I didn't actually have any pva in the car so I watered down 3 tubes of no more nails and a tube of mastic was lovely stuff nice and sticky
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    help lads

    Just the skim bits of the paint have come away but not much
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    help lads

    Painted plaster the walls are about 60/70 years old and were abit crumbly
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    help lads

    Lads I need some advice. I skimmed a big room yesterday 9 bags to be precise I have turned up today and it's all on the floor. What's going on?
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    Plastering wood - possible?

    Don't you think it would be easier to get someone who knows what they are doing to do it? Its people like you who are f*****g this industry up
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    sharp sand

    Finished a lovely rendering job yesterday using sharp sand we done the whole house a 3 bed detached. The mix we used was 7-1 sharp sand and cement the grit in the sand leaves a lovely key for the masonry paint to pull into. The client was over the moon with the job and gave us a nice tip I...
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    20 inch plazi blade

    The only thing a 20 inch trowel is any good for is sword fighting
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    Best material for a spot board.

    Don't mess about with one of them. Bucket trowel straight out the bucket for me
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    plaster problem

    Phone someone who knows what they are doing would be the best bet
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    Rendering with sbr

    Your a funny ****
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    How long would a room take you to skim?

    Start at 7.30 chuck a couple of old dusty sheets down get everything glued up. Whilst waiting for the glue to dry bead up and fetch water. Knock up 4 bags in a big tub smash the room on if the plaster starts going keep knocking it back then flat everything in sit down have a coffee and a sarnie...
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    straight edge level

    I normally just use a piece of batten out the skip