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    My 1st Room

    Thanks for your helpful advice[emoji111]️
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    Days work in Aylesbury

    Need I spread 2moz Aylesbury, I'll be driving from Milton Keynes if u need a lift or meet me there, pm me✌️
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    sqm per day

    All depends on the job as no job is the same, some jobs you can prep in 1 hour, others could be 3 days prep, also 9 times out of 10 u don't just get a big wall to skim u could get 1 small area with loads of angles & fiddly bits which would take the same tile to skim a big wall or ceiling so...
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    Were do u live mate?
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    Some new toys

    Yes & 13" ps take a chill pill mate it's just a tool
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    Some new toys

    This is y I plaster & not teach English lol
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    Some new toys

    Wot lights do u use
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    Site Lights

    Check out Flood It lights mate
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    Some new toys

    Well I'm actually sitting here comparing it to my Marshalltown one, The only noticeable thing is that it has a cork handle, I will see how I get on with it tomorrow
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    Some new toys

    Just got some new toys to play with from the tool fair, gone use the new Nela hawk tomorrow✌️
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    pricing this job

    Yep & iv been plastering for 9 months now & loving it, not under pricing nothing as I have a very good business background & I am running a business after all & seem to be doing ok at it thanks
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    pricing this job

    Hence why they call it and intense cause u re***d lol. If u need any advice from a less experienced plasterer then yourself with probably more knowledge feel free to ask mate
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    pricing this job

    I can read, I read all ur posts, 10 years in the game I think not, asking questions I was asking in my 1st week lol, at least I'm honest about it. By the way I do apologise if u r physically or mentally challenged
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    pricing this job

    Iv done a 6 week course & I know others on here have also, I price jobs fair depending on the work needed, instead of focusing on people who do courses in a negative light I would suggest u focus on ur plastering, u say u have been plastering for 10 years yet u don't know how to fill a gap in...