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    awkward angles

    just do what superspread said
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    welcome to the forum
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    welcome to the forum Gary
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    Competition Winners

    thanks for all the prizes @Danny ,much appreciated :bananahappy:
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    theres quite often a window sill to sit on that will be the right height or just lean against a wall, ( thats for normal height stilts not those big f**k**s)
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    Lime render over a damp wall?

    is that called rain lol
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    Forum meet up.

    and a lot of people call themselves plasterers
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    Before it was dry looked mint

    when i used s*p*r*lex i done hits from strart to finish with it and the walls were fine, never looked like the pictures above to blame a supeflex is incorrect,,, having said that i stopped using s*p*r*lex
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    my apologies @Kitchy just looked this up and virgin media are the only broadband provider in the country who can provide broadband without a landline fee,, i would go back to them if it was not for their customer care /(talking to the c**ts on the telephone),, worst i have ever experienced
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    we all pay a landline fee to be able to have broadband unless you get it with your mobile deal,,, and i think with virgin you'll be paying about £19 a month, one of the more expensive,,,
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    New work horse

    "have trowel will travel"
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    same as,,, never use it and never answer it,,, but need the landline for broadband
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    Plantar fectittus

    got myself some this week for the same problem,,, helped straight away,, well worth the few quid,,, although mine dosent sound as bad as gibbos,,, my firlfriend has it bad and nothing seems to help her,,
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    Vote for 10yr olds 800mile dog charity bike ride

    done,,, tell molly well done
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    Just joined

    welcome to the forum diesel