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    Research-led new Jointing Range from Knauf

    Take a look at this review of our new jointing, which was used on the East Village Mace project in London: @Runswithscissors @quinns
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    Knauf & Encon Airless Finish spray day - Newcastle

    @Rossi46 - We don't have one planned at the moment, but we can certainly forward your details onto Adam, who's our sales rep in the North West. Please feel free to inbox us your details if you'd like to find out more.
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    Knauf & Encon Airless Finish spray day - Newcastle

    As @Danny said, it's free.
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    Knauf & Encon Airless Finish spray day - Newcastle

    We're holding another Airless Finish spray day with Encon Nevill Long in Newcastle on Friday 18th May (with free breakfast included!) Each session will include: Full live system demonstration of Knauf Airless Finish, showing how fast, clean and efficient the system is The opportunity for...
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    Knauf Ready Mixed Plasters

    Hi Plasterers Forum Members Following recent requests in other threads for some formal information on the Knauf Ready Mixed Plasters, please find some links to get more information: Range Overview – Including application video...
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    30l Bucket Glove

    Hi All All of the gypsum used in ourplasterboards is from a recycled source, which may be either flue gasdesulphurised gypsum which is produced as a by-product from coal firedpowerstations, our own manufacturing waste which we re-use directly into ourmanufacturing process, or from post-consumer...
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    Tape and fill courses

    Thanks for the heads up Danny - hope your keeping well....
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    Tape and fill courses

    Hi Worcester / Steve Please see a link to the Knauf Training pages on our Website - Training - Knauf Unfortunately our training centres are some distance from you - one in Sittingbourne Kent and one in Immingham NE Lincolnshire. However, we will be able to carry our training on both powdered...
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    Wed 18th December Knauf Day Out

    Hi Ryan We are very pleased that you are keen to attend our MP Finish event, however; unfortnately we will not be able to arrange a BSL translater for the Sittingbourne event - sorry. If you want to pre book for the Immingham event - early next year, date to be finalised - we will do our best...
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    Wed 18th December Knauf Day Out

    Anyone who is interested in Knauf products and training on them,, but cannot make this date, please feel free to contact our office and ask for the training adminstrator to discuss booking further training to suit your requirements - 01795424499 We run regular training on all of our products...
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    Wed 18th December Knauf Day Out

    Hi Everyone Really looking forward to the planned event at our Sittingbourne training school and new Cube office on 18th December 2013 We hope that there will be a good turnout and this event will be well received, please can all of you who are interested get in touch with Danny to confirm...
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    Mp75 Course

    Hi Cassie Give us (Knauf) a call on 01795424499 and ask for the training administrator. We run courses from Sittingbourne and Immingham, so you will be able to get a more local course in Immingham. Anyone else interested in Knauf Product Training Courses, feel free to contact us for more...
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    Win a van and other prizes worth over £20,000 with Knauf

    Hi Everyone Just a quick update on the Knauf Win A Van competition. So far there have been around 200 of the 300 tickets found and prizes won. The MAGIC "WIN A VAN" Ticket has not yet been found and is still out there in the market waiting to be found. It could be in any of Knauf Win A Van...
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    Useful plastering video links and training avialable - Knauf

    Training Training - Knauf Drywall TrainingKnauf have purpose-built, fully-equipped training centres based in Sittingbourne and Immingham. From these centres a variety of courses are run providing practical training on the design and construction of plasterboard systems. These include...
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    Your chance to win a van with Knauf. Look out for the golden tickets!!

    In case you have missed this on another link, Knauf are giving you the chance to win a VW caddy !!!! Bag yourself a van - Knauf Drywall Knauf is reprising its popular Golden Ticket competition from last year with another stunning prize promotion worth over £20,000. Top of the prize list...