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    3000 m2 hardwall Whitham Essex

    you only offered me 15 then ended up you didnt need it done cos you changed the speck and when you get pmed you dont answer back
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    spunky do you mean the centres for counter battens to fix a carrier board give a bit more info a would look at manufactureres recomendations anyway mate
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    plastine sg

    sorry monk a aint
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    Heck silcone acrlic render

    spraying texture 1.5mm tomorrow if weather is ok les doesnt want it touched with a texture float think where going to use the little pump from pft quickly so it will be like a very fine tyroleon
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    Heck silcone acrlic render

    henry a bet where its got swirls its bin put on to heavy and not bin scraped tight enough and who the **** would go for a bate stand half way down a elavation
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    no mate not mine not yet any way ha ha
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    Parex , k rend

    give me more info mate les and russ can recommend our work mate
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    there is a briggs and stratton on ebay at the moment if anybodys interested lads
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    DPC help

    like i say the true passage of dampness is threw the mortar beds
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    Ultimate plastic trowels

    where do you get these ficking trowels from have you got to be in some secret ficking society or sumick
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    Base coat / top coat render only

    thats it mate you got it
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    Base coat / top coat render only

    no just keep it back slightly when your bedding scrim in just make sure your nice and neat around beads take a soft brush or sponge and give them a wipe
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    Base coat / top coat render only

    yeah spunky a try to keep mesh as close to the top as i can. just enough to make sure the overlaps are well pushed in
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    Base coat / top coat render only

    yeah its just a tighe coat with the same material
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    second hand s44

    sorry lads weve just been down to see it and told les we will have it going to train another squad up and take over the north east ha ha chance would be a fine thing . thats also if we can find anyone to work it judging by the problems you lads are having to find guys looks like no one wants work