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    Spot board

    Yeah, theres a bit of weight in there mate.
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    Plasterer 'hanged himself live in chatroom' on Christmas morning

    Completely horrific for the family. Modern life seems to create pressures that make people do the unthinkable. Keep an eye out on your closest everyone.
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    Small time VS Big time

    Also I suppose it depends on how much extra you wanna make, I'm sure we all have different opinions on what is worth it and what isn't.
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    Small time VS Big time

    Exactly mate, much easier to run a few gangs when on sitework. But you'd still have to have a dedicated team of lads.
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    Small time VS Big time

    was that on New builds Andy? I'm glad you did well. There will be reliable good quality lads out there who are happy to sub. Not many though.
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    Small time VS Big time

    Haha, yeah well my 2 gang is me and my brother (older) and I always revert to the clean up as that was the first thing he ever taught me to do! He still trowels up like a monster and enjoys it!
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    Small time VS Big time

    Great thread lads, makes me not feel like we're the only ones . We are a 2 gang, been going 20 years , we used to sub out full houses and made so little it wasn't worth it, plus the hassle. Someone once told me that you won't make anything substantial with between 4-6 subbies because you'll...
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    Got these swirls artex ceilings

    Tell em your overboarding it or walking away. I've skimmed plenty of them and they take forever to trowel up and every time I regret it. Takes 3 hours to go off added to your prep time , you could've boarded it by then. All to save the customer a few quid on boards.
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    Poor Plasterers

    All out abuse on Vince again. Oh dear. Anyway, going back to the point , I keep my pricing simple as soon as it tips into the next pound, £6.20 for example it becomes £7 in my quote. Same for boards. I always charge £10 for PVA , although when doing single rooms a 5ltr tub ceili normally does 3...
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    It's all ready to board n skim

    There's loads of these clowns doing projects again now, just like pre recession. I'm glad you haven't priced it. Do a good days graft, even though that may mean moving stuff about half the day and get off home. Take the money and run.
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    Is this to be expected?

    Yep as above, get some paint on. When over skimming artex your at the mercy of where the plasterboard sags or a joist is lower therefore the skim will be a lot thinner there. This is the reason you can see the pattern still.
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    Good idea too, I've just scrimmed 2 ceilings, no staples, no PVA, see how it does for Monday morning!!!' Euroscrim
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    Problems with customers prep

    I get so pissed off when a customer says they will prep. I say that I'll give you 2 prices , one with me doing everything and a heavily weighted price with me just skimming. I am sick of s**t prep. I followed a lot of bad prep when the recession was on because we needed the work but that's...
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    Sorry , I rated funny, then thought it through. You have a good point. I prefer to swear a lot the next morning when scrim falls off.
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    Clout nail on plasterboard, as long as I've dabbed the boards I'll know there's plenty of dabs where nail goes. Stick with finish on reskims. Hook on beads get on my tits, use way too much finish to cover. A stapler to me is another tool to carry and cover in s**t and break.