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    5x4 living room ceiling over-board and skim

    Mother in laws know that feeling done for free
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    4 options

    Infact 3 from the start
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    4 options

    3. No come backs if your busy they will have to wait
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    overboard curved ceiling

    Back of not off soz
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    overboard curved ceiling

    Cut the back off the boards and scribe the edge into the wall easy
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    Bloody old houses

    Thats what happens when you skim over old lime and horse hair walls. Hack it off hardwall and set job done
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    f**k**g BOARD FINISH!!!!!

    Same sh#t different colour lol
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    The Vintage Mags

    Lucky the pages arn't stuck together lmao
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    Mixing SBR and PVA together

    Each to their own
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    todays work pics

    Day off
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    9mm boards

    9mm thats all ive really got to say they're sh#t...
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    IT'S HERE!

    Nah you can keep it. If it aint broke dont fix it!!