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    Van insurance

    Try footprint insurance or a-plan
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    Hop up

    2 hop ups from wickes, think they're £20 each and a baton, got to think of your back
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    paper corners

    Joint cement to bed the tape and quick 'fill over' with excess then next day coat out again with joint cement, dry and then sand to a finish, joint filler and easi fill are ok but joint cement is softer so soaks in better to the paper, that's my experience anyway. Beehive doing it 26 years and...
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    Coving question

    British gypsum
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    george rome

    That was a while ago , was a bit of the business not kept on as something else?
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    Failed Coving on a new build!

    Is it all coming down on its own? It's surely all going to come down eventually. Blue grit where the coving sits and new coving up buttered up with joint filler (fast set) . That's what I'd do anyway. You did warn them it would happen . It's better you take it down rather than falling on a tv...
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    Vitrex mixer 850

    Need a spare mixer, saw the vitrex 850watt, it's only £50-£60 online, anybody got one ? Good bad or indifferent , cheers everybody
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    transit connect

    Ha ha , wind power now
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    transit connect

    Had 1 for 4 years , great van , nice to drive and has a lot more space than you think . Would buy 1 again no problem