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    thirsty and i need a lurker

    I'll go for you. Wanna send me your credit card?
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    Probably the biggest house I’ll ever do.

    Might want a labourer or 5 for this :)
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    Its good to be back

    Herpes is more fun... Or catching it is anyway.
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    Best way to cut aqua panel?

    I'd do it this way. Use a blade with high tooth count
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    Plastering in Leeds

    How long did the job take? Go back and key the wall for a reskim
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    Probably the biggest house I’ll ever do.

    Got any update photos yet?
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    Having a brain fart...

    Otherwise known as a vomit bench
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    Its good to be back

    Once a spread always a spread it seems.
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    How to lime plaster?

    Will do. Thanks again
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    How to lime plaster?

    Thankyou. Will try a load of fat lime then.
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    tiger stripes

    Seems like a nice guy... Nothing like shouting at everyone to make people like you
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    Tool insurance claims

    How does that even work.... Why would the lights be connected to the locking system anyway . Stupid system..
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    Bosch pro tools around half price.

    Link looks broken to me anyway
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    Expensive trowel

    How on earth did you manage that? Id just throw myself off the lift if I did that
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    Skim Painted brick

    Tried that. Didn't work.