Wig’s on and false teeth in...

Mixer I'm using at the moment is one I found in a skip from the house next door. It kept winking at me for a few days, then I gave in and grabbed it. Let it dry out for a few weeks, plugged it in and works ok...just needed a new paddle, so i put a spare one on.
Here mate ...


  • Wig’s on and false teeth in...
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F*****g Wonga lol they went oot the game. The vans leased. So there’s zero problem

my brother had a brand new VW on lease

cost him £1800 to fix a dent on the door because some arsehole drove into on site.

leasing is simplty no good unless you have a have lfleet of the cars/Van's off the manufacturer.
We just leave them permanent on pavement like broken Britain!

We use to steal bins for scrap when I was a kid, F*****g hard graft running with a bin on your back when your 10!!!

Wouldnt be so bad if it wasnt our dad that used to send us out!!!
Bullshit.,bins were never made of copper.
You would have got more for a couple of empty bottles than a metal bin. What a load of old Bullock
I'm the next one upon that, my right hand man at work, I bought him a transit custom last year, and it's a right state. It stinks, old McDonald wrappers and the like, down the seat side, does my head in, it's a 2 minute job to throw the wrapper in bin, why leave it to fester in the sun.
You mean he bought you the van and contributed to your wages with his graft?