Why not spray domestic

Mate hand on heart even if the spraying didn't work out for me after a year I would probably still hand apply this gear.it's so smooth and clean,trowels up great,can get finish one coat on good back grounds it's £8 bag inc vat
Not long now until you try one coat with multi then:D
I have been spraying mp finish for 10 years. I wouldn't spray on domestic. By the time u get the machine in and out of the van set it up its not worth it. New build spraying mp finish over good board work is handy days work. No need for a labour. Just mix up what bags u need and off u go. It's a lot easier on the body. Is it faster yes because u only need to do one coat when spraying mp finish. It would take me about 10 min to spray 4 walls about 16 plasterboards. Then we would spray the walls on in another room. Then wash the machine and bucket and drill out. That takes about 5 min for 2 plasterers. But I wouldn't just buy a machine just for skim. And don't try and spray multi it is a c**t to spray and clean out the machine.
Doing lofts and extensions is that ok ???