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    K-Rend London

    New Area Sales Manager for London Rory Talbot [email protected] Instagram: @Krendking Anything you need let me know
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    Victorian House replacing sand and cement render

    Hi, Just bought a mid terrace victorian property which has some blown textured render out the back of the property. There is also some thicker render at the front, which is in better condition and not blown. The walls are 9" thick brick without a cavity. We're starting to get estimates to fix...
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    K-rend price rise

    Hi all We were due to have the front of our house re-rendered with k-rend. Had the old loose sand and cement knocked back and the builder is claiming he's under priced it and is going to either walk away or ask for more money. Searching around, general guide prices range between £35 to £50...
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    Poor K-rend - suggestions for fixing

    Hi everyone, First post, so please forgive any errors in etiquette etc. We've recently had a garage with space above built, and opted for a K-rend finish rather than a 'normal' cement render and paint. However, the finish in our opinion isn't very good - there are lots of light/dark areas...
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    K-Rend on garden wall + rear extension in Walthamstow, North east London

    I need my front garden wall, rear ground floor extension and the front of our porch rendered. Photos are attached showing each of these. The front wall will need grey K-rend, the porch & rear wall will need white K-rend. We have most of the materials already (the K-rend and the corner beading)...
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    k-rend hp12 single coat?

    Hi, I'm new on here and would like some advice please! Would k-rend hp12 suffice as a one and only finish coat? This would be on top of block work with mesh. Single coat of hp12, stippled, then 2 coats of paint. Would this be satisfactory? K-rend recommend their finishing coat of kmix GP...
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    Advice on new render for old house: K Rend, Granicem, Parex, Baumit?!

    Hi all, New to the forum and not a professional. Not even a DYIer, just researching for my house project. Extending the property plus re-rendering it. We had penetrating damp problems on an external wall (bricks, no cavity) which used to be covered with pebbledash. No obvious cracks and...