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stone effect render

Discussion in 'General Rendering Discussions' started by warriorupnorth, May 12, 2012.

  1. warriorupnorth

    warriorupnorth Private Member

    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 17, 2015
  2. lilharbs

    lilharbs New Member

    Handsome job mate,serious patience required I reckon:RpS_thumbup:
  3. andre

    andre Member

    i saw your job on this video and booked wallcrete course. nice job warrior. i need one of them, my first was a dwarf garden wall.....ONE WALL.ONE SIDE . used my own garden like a test centre the first cock ups went on at home not at a clients hse. i took your advise on internet buisness check out pedratek.com thanks for your wallcrete training. all the best Andre wallcrete by pedratek19.jpg
    IMG_4983pedratek.jpg North London Wallcrete job 1 wall 1 side
  4. warriorupnorth

    warriorupnorth Private Member

    Nice one @andre looks good mate. New you'd make a go of it, not used to people taking as many notes as you did . Fair play to you and best of luck with future works
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 17, 2015
  5. warriorupnorth

    warriorupnorth Private Member

    May I just add that the dwarf wall done by Andre is all free hand . No printing mats used only a texture skin, very good first hand cut job
  6. Arti

    Arti Private Member

    Nice one Andre
  7. keithuk

    keithuk Private Member

    Looks great mate ,this time next year ,you to will need a helicopter to show your work :RpS_thumbup:
  8. Deri

    Deri Active Member

    I like it.
  9. Nisus

    Nisus Elite Member

    Did the guy from near wembley phone you Paul?
  10. warriorupnorth

    warriorupnorth Private Member

  11. Nisus

    Nisus Elite Member

    Take that as a no then.
  12. warriorupnorth

    warriorupnorth Private Member

  13. That is fantastic! I'm going to try and get on the Aug training session. Just unsure of how to go about getting the 1st few jobs so I can start creating a new portfolio of this work.
  14. church

    church Active Member


  15. User___removed

    User___removed Well-Known Member

    I went on a course a few years back and thought a lot of the stuff looked ****.looks fake when sealed.did see a few good patterns though.
  16. Nisus

    Nisus Elite Member

    I agree, with an imprinted mat & a gloss sealer it does look fake,
    but a hand carved stone or brick effect with a Matt sealer doesn't look fake :)
    Its like the concrete driveways I think they look sh1t, all the same colour no different colour grout/pointing lines & a gloss sealer it looks w a n k!
    But spend a little time carving back the joints to reveal the grey concrete underneath for the joints & it would look a lot better plus use a Matt sealer & bobs your uncle & Ryan swarts yet aunt :RpS_thumbsup:
  17. User___removed

    User___removed Well-Known Member

    Can't get any better than Brick paving
  18. Nisus

    Nisus Elite Member

    Yeah, I mean look at this shite :RpS_unsure:

  19. perlite

    perlite Member

    Matt sealers tend to do f all though don't they. That's the problem the less sheen, the less protection. Stencil crete have some nice flooring effects, how long that stays down is another matter

  20. User___removed

    User___removed Well-Known Member

    There a guy down my way who does stone effect.he doesn't use matt's,no sealer and just uses sand & cement not wallcrete gear.he uses dye's.his work looks smart tbh.hes a bricklayer/mason so has the eye for it
  21. Nisus

    Nisus Elite Member

    Sounds good bobby, that's all you need really sand, cement, fibres, sbr & coloured pigment in the mixes.
  22. User___removed

    User___removed Well-Known Member

    I believe he gets his dye through pics though
  23. PICSbob

    PICSbob Member

    Sounds to me like some of you guys might benefit from attending one of our imprinted concrete Training Courses... :RpS_wink:
  24. gunner

    gunner New Member

    Bobby, are you talking about me in North Devon?
  25. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    Last edited: Mar 17, 2015
  26. User___removed

    User___removed Well-Known Member

    Depends who you are?!!!
  27. hail hail

    hail hail Private Member

    Don't like to rain on your parade mate but who ever designed that knows nothing about stone! I know it's stone effect but I think they should have taken the time to at least learn a few basics about stone. They have vertical lines running from bottom to top of wall. That's a big big no no in stone work. Best effect should be 2 on 1, 1 on 2 and 2 beside 1 and 2 beside 2. Defo nothing like in your pics!

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