Spores appearing after newly plastered wall

Top Gun Andy

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Loving how some of these conversions go!

So in answer to some of the questions...
  • While the builder bought the Celotex boards, I am fairly sure that these were bought from trade at the time he needed them. They were sat in the garage for a couple of days before use and looked brand new. I have pics of these somewhere too.
  • The order of doing the conversion was a bit back to front as they were trying to complete before xmas, so that wall and a couple of others were plastered while the garage door was still on, so was cold with no heating for a couple of weeks. So @worthwoods probably has it right.
  • It's all the way down the External wall, not just at the window end. Worse at the joins.
I have wiped down the walls with mold solution and prepped ready for painting. I am going to leave a few days to see if anything more comes out. The heating has been on in that room now for a good couple of weeks so the room is now aligned with the rest of the house.

Thanks all for your feedback. I will report back at the end of the week in hope it helps anyone else.


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