1. CeeElle

    Mould on plasterboard - help!

    Me again! I’ve put plasterboard up throughout the lower level of the house and after a week of not being here I’ve come back to mould all over. The house is a ‘building site’ with no heating. Rewind a few weeks and the roof was taken off and redone due to extreme leakage, brickwork reprinted...
  2. T

    Spores appearing after newly plastered wall

    Hi all, Newbie here. I have very recently had an internal garage conversion completed on 14 year old detached house. The long external wall was insulated with 50mm celotex boards, drylined and then skimmed. 3 of the 4 walls were complete well over 2 weeks ago and the plaster has dried out...
  3. B

    Kit of Steel & Aluminium Quoin Moulds For Sale

    Hi folks. I'm considering wrapping up my N. Ireland based quoins business to retire, and will be selling my full kit of Moulds. We make sand and cement 12" and 9" quoins, so the kit for sale will involve everything needed to make precast stick-on sand & cement quoins in both those sizes, and...