sponge finish on lime render

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got a lime render job to do.the customer has spoke to the guy supplying the lime and he said that a float finish without the sponge is good enough.has anyone heard of this before.done a few jobs over the years and have allways sponged our work.
also he sais the first 2 coats should be 5 sand(sharp)/2 lime,which sounds ok.but the float coat he said to use the same gauge but with a shovel of silver sand.does`nt the finish mix need to be weeker,3/1 with a softer sand?i would imagine using sharp sand for the finish would be a nightmare!!
lime render backing coats tend to be 3:1 or 2.5 :1 ( same a 5:2 ---in your post)

finish will be 2:1 which makes it weaker .... remember this is lime --dont confuse ratios with cement render,
i agree ,sponge finish all the time on lime render

interior finish would be silca sand /lime 2:1

exterior i would use washed plastering sand (pit sand )
2.5 :1
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