Skim over semi-set bonding plaster

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Hi all, new to the forum although been a member of tilers forums for a while now. Been doing a bit of plastering in my own home where i am doing some renovations and a bathroom refit. Had to build an area up slightly by about 10mm with bonding coat. I didn't have time to skim over with multi finish the same day and was wondering if i now need to wait until the bonding is completely dry or can i go over it when it is still setting? been about 17 hours since i did the bonding coat. Any help would be much appreciated.
Cheers for quick response Mouldy! So I take it the more suction the quicker it will set? So do I just need to apply pva solution to the area and go for it? The rest of the wall is dry plaster (multi finish) so would that need same amount of pva or more coats than the area of bonding coat?