multi finish

  1. A

    Thinking of buying a spray machine to spray multi any advice?

    Hi all, Thinking about investing in a spray machine. Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. P

    Plasterers Solutions

    We've seen the demand and shortage for multifinish plaster, especially after the polish plaster that gave any other suppliers a bad vote, we, at plasterers Solutions sent multifinish out to our factory, they took it to Thier lab and tore it apart, seen how it was made and replicated it, as to...
  3. Diana01

    Bracknell area: I have 15 bags Carlite Finish spare

    Hi all, I’m in the midst of renovating my home. When I found out that DryWallToolsDirect were getting in Carlite from Ireland, my builder phoned around his network to see who wanted plaster and if it was worth getting a palette. One of the chaps (who was the most interested) has pulled out so...
  4. TedTheSpread92

    What is going on with multi finish!?

    Okay I want to actually know what the hell is going on with multi finish it is definitely not the same. It's behaving like my trowel hasn't worn in yet, tears slightly on final trowels?? Feels stodgy, gluey, seems gritty and coarser than normal. My question is most of my work is overskim can I...
  5. Skatersaml

    Skim over internal render?

    Hi all, My bathroom wall is currently tiled with what appears to be a keyed render behind (there is some sort of a grey thin coat inbetween the render and the time adhesive). I want to remove the tiles and skim over the render. Is this possible? If so, do I need to use a bonding agent or can I...
  6. Jack McCombe

    Plaster On Wall

    Looking for any thoughts on my most recent work using a multi-finish on plasterboard...
  7. M

    Skim over semi-set bonding plaster

    Hi all, new to the forum although been a member of tilers forums for a while now. Been doing a bit of plastering in my own home where i am doing some renovations and a bathroom refit. Had to build an area up slightly by about 10mm with bonding coat. I didn't have time to skim over with multi...
  8. Spreadinator

    Multi finish shortage

    hey guys went into my local b and q today and they had no multi finish..apparently there is a nationwide shortage. Any one else's local places low? I'm from southwest
  9. D

    multi peeling off ?!

    My Spread called me yesterday all stressed as he had 3 ceilings on,second coated and had started trowelling in. He said that it was all 'peeling off on me'. This is all onto fresh plasterboard and using new multi (all delivered from Encon on Monday). He described it as like putting bonding onto...
  10. C

    Bonding between gaps in plasterboard before skim

    Hi all 2 questions around the bonding i had to put on my PB! I dot and dabbed some insulation board onto the external walls in my study-to-be, and ended up with some gaps (both between the ceiling and wall boards and the wall boards themselves). Some small ones about 5mm others quite big about...
  11. G

    I used uni finish today

    On a silky looking textured ceiling 12m2 it worked really well on that loads of time maybe be to much. I then used it on a wall and a few patches where the sparks had chased out, the end result was ok but man it was going off as soon as it was on,2 coats same mix plenty of water lots of sweat...