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    Hi All - New Member

    Just wanted to say hello to all. I’ve never plastered before and want to learn the skill
  2. L

    Is my house held together with string and fag ash?

    Hi all. Just going to get it out of the way; I'm not a plasterer. As you probably know, this whole covid nonsense has gotten us DIYers a little bit too excited and I'm no exception. I've been poking about at some cracks in (what I thought was) my plaster and have a few questions I'm hoping you...
  3. B

    New member

    Hi fellow plasterers I am looking for some advice I am going to coat sovereign renovation plaster onto inside stone wall after doc has been done my question is will renovating plaster stick straight on to the stones or will I need to coat them first and if so what do I use thanks very much in...
  4. N

    New member. American plasterer for about 4 years.

    Hey everyone I’m a 22 year old plasterer from the U.S.A. Figured I introduce myself and see what people are talking about around here. Feel free to ask anything. I’ll posts pics of my work.
  5. M

    Skim over semi-set bonding plaster

    Hi all, new to the forum although been a member of tilers forums for a while now. Been doing a bit of plastering in my own home where i am doing some renovations and a bathroom refit. Had to build an area up slightly by about 10mm with bonding coat. I didn't have time to skim over with multi...