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I'm more worried that mcvities say there biscuits are going up 5%.
Its hard enough getting a cuppa and a biscuit out of the c**ts now!


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I remember my dad filling his car up saying it will soon be a pound a gallon in the 70s.
It never went up to a pound, it shot straight pass it,
Back in the day, I was pleased to have a car that the petrol gauge was higher than the temperature gauge.
The main reason I change my car was rust, not the end of a lease deal.


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We’re paying near double for Timber at the mo 18 months ago we were paying £1.25 for 4/2 now it’s near £2.40 a meter things have gone up a fair bit not everything but a lot of stuff has and the quality is of gear is s**t
Sorry I was referring to bathroom mats, tiles,adhesives,grout and plumbing consumables ...I know timber has flown up in price