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Right lads, a good few years ago i used a self levelling screed as a quick fix for doing the floor in a spray shop. In the last few years this has been broken up in places by the contraction of the layers of lacquer etc.
I'm now looking to remove all this and do the job properly.
Can any of you chaps recommend a product for use in this kind of environment? I.e one where theres going to be thinnners and various chemicals spilled etc.
Cheers in advance.
Hi Andy,

If its a car spray booth/shop then we used to either put down a grano floor which was then painted in a quality industrial floor paint.
We also did some for a workshop with water wash spray booths, they were just concreted, polished then sealed, one was painted again with industrial floor paint.
There are some very good epoxy coatings suitable for laying on concrete which would be ideal for spray booths/shops etc.
I think a screed as in sand/cement will not take the wear with heavy machinary/cars etc.

Hope that helps

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