Question about ceiling edges


Hi all,

Just wondering what people think is the best way to finish off ceiling edges when NOT working on the adjoining walls below.

I am cross battening and boarding over a lathe and plaster ceiling, there will inevitably be some gaps, however small, around the wall edges. The walls are slightly pissed so even if my boarding is spot on there will still be some small gaps.

The other walls aren't being plasterered.

Not the first time I've done this and have tried out a few different solutions ranging from expanding foam and sealants to bending or cutting scrim to within 1mm of the wall edge. Have tried a few of these different ideas with success but wondering if anyone has any other suggestions or opinions.

i always put a flat scrim,even its a small gap and skim neat to it then advise to use decorators caulk after and never had any problems from clients.

When you say flat, do you still bend the scrim 1mm or so down the wall and let the skim coat cover it? Have done that before with good results, just wondering what people think is the best solution.
I've stuffed the gaps with crushed scrim then flat scrim over, near to the wall as poss, run a small brush of pva around the ceiling edge ( on the wall).
Worked for me.
As monk says just scrim as if your doing a ceiling and wall then once you have finished and it's gone hard cut it out I find it works for me and I feel if you just put scrim flat it's still gonna push up and takes more effort than cutting out at the end
run a strip of pva on the top of the wall, then scrim with half of the scrim on the ceiling the other half on the wall. skim the ceiling and the top 100mm of the wall, twitch the ceiling line and sponge down the salvage on the wall . this gives a neat finish.