1. Webster13

    Ceiling help please?

    Hi, I’ve joined as I’ve recently bought a house and the ceiling in the little bathroom looks like meringue. I’ve never seen anything like it before, has anyone else? My only suggestion so far was to cover it with a wooden board and create a fake ceiling, rather than try and chip/scrape it off...
  2. W

    Cracked asbestos artex ceiling

    Evening all, We've got a dodgy bedroom ceiling that we've been struggling to make a decision about for a while. It's badly cracked in multiple places and has clear sagging in others. We had a very similar issue in our other bedroom but were able to rip that one down and replace with...
  3. S

    New built uneven ceiling?

    Hello! I was hoping to get some advice. I moved into a new build flat and whilst getting a snagging list together I discovered unevenness across all ceilings in the flat. I've reported this and it's getting fixed now, as I it just didn't seem like the ceiling should be this uneven. I would...
  4. Like2try

    Can I skim it?

    Hey all, hopefully I’m in the right place, I’ve just signed up so shout at me if I’m posting in the wrong place. I’m self taught using multifinish plaster and have learnt many hard mistakes plastering over certain surfaces. It’s my house so it’s nothing but a pain if I get it wrong but I’ve...
  5. W

    Overboarding sloping ceiling

    Hello! I've got a garage in thr garden built by the previous owner in 1991. It has a sloping (gable?) roof with a couple of veluxes. It's a cold roof design, with some insulation between the joists, but I want to add some more insulation to the walls and ceiling as i plan to use it as a wfh...
  6. B

    Ceiling flatness after skimming

    Okay I'm probably over thinking this and obsessing over small detail, but my plasterer just finished up skimming newly boarded ceiling and previously skimmed/painted walls a few days ago. Now I'm not expecting walls to be level or flat because my house is old Victorian so everything is out of...
  7. Wayners

    Artex ceiling

    Stippled a ceiling which is the first one I done in years. Could be my last and amazingly this property I textured my first ceiling 35 years ago when I was 15. Just no call for it these days and the cost of a bag is shocking vs what I used to pay. Anyone still at this trade?
  8. B

    Advice Needed - Cowboy Plasterers

    #1 Hi all, I'm having my flat converted from a communal heating system to an independent one, so whilst the upheaval is happening, I thought it would be a good time to redecorate and get the ceiling re-plastered as there were a few previously repaired cracks in the lining paper that bugged me...
  9. B

    Hi - Here for advice

    Hi all, I came across this site, in the hope of getting some valuable advice, regarding a shocking job I've had done. I was a carpenter for 4 years when I finished school, before moving in to IT. I have a good sense for detail and appreciate good quality workmanship. Thanks, Rob
  10. Wayners

    Ceiling board hanger (plasterboard)

    Interesting tool for one man to fit plasterboard. I'm still sticking to a board lifter but for some this might be an interesting tool. Guess it's been talked about here before? See here
  11. R

    Advice Wanted, Kitchen Ceiling

    Hi all, Brand new to the forum today. My kitchen ceiling has been plastered (family member, long time ago) and you can see 2 distinctive cracked lines where the plasterboard joins and it's fairly uneven, to be honest with you. When the lights are on you can see how uneven the ceiling is...
  12. cornsack

    Question about ceiling edges

    Hi all, Just wondering what people think is the best way to finish off ceiling edges when NOT working on the adjoining walls below. I am cross battening and boarding over a lathe and plaster ceiling, there will inevitably be some gaps, however small, around the wall edges. The walls are...