Prices for plaster, render etc

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so do we agree with the prices though?

I think having a reliable source of guide rates is good for all to use as a "guide" somewhere we can all reference after all most other industries do.:RpS_thumbup:

unfortunately if went to some of my commercial clients asking some rates there i would be escorted of site :RpS_laugh:
FFS lads, we're not gonna get far if we keep slating the prices quoted on there though are we?

Maybe best to remove all these replies and lock it. Then when anyone comes along asking for prices someone can post a link to this thread? :RpS_thumbup:
Why is everyone so paranoid about rates though they'll vary a bit in locations and surely its down to the individual is they want to discuss them
Rates are usually cheap as **** for builders an half about for clients, just sucks if you do most of your work for builders!!
A wud make a new thread but most work seems to go to people who have been on here a while from what ave seen , you never know though
Dannys the site owner , he will put some links for vids how to do stuff etc . Was just a random post in a older thread :)
I had similar thought saying goodbye to summin this morning.:)
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