Plasterer in bristol

Hi that's sounds brilliant I've been plastering for 3 months did intensive course found that I could do it. Just needs guidance from professional. Very hardworking and trustworthy. Love to work with you .cheers Chris 07722294311
Got to laugh wants to team up to share work!!!

What F*****g work bern plastering 3 months! Lol

Should read plasterers labourer looking to climb the ladder!

God these people have ideas waaaasy above there station!
Have a lay down with a towel on your head angry dude . Sorry to upset you but hey I bet you wake up upset and angry pmsl
Sorry if I trying to make it as a plasterer. Don't remember thinking I was above anybody on here. Apart from zombie which isn't hard. He heh
Listen people can say what there want I was responding probably wrongly to zombie getting on his high horse.i just wanted to get some advice help improve my skills. Yet zombie had a pop at me claiming I was above my station. I guess people are going to judge me which means I'll probably close my account down . Seems because I did a intensive course it has angered some plasteres.
I did a course too, you have to have thick skin as a lot of spreads don't agree with them
God coursers are the worst! No wait.. women plasterers are the worst!! No wait.. women coursers are the worst!!! No wait.. women coursers with immigrant surnames are the worst!!!! Baaaaah!!!!!!!!! :frenetico:

Seriously @Digman grow a thick skin and shake it off! Who cares? It’s all just opinions and banter. It’s attitude that counts and you won’t get along in this game whingeing.... and I say that with love. Seriously this is good advice! Good luck bud
Just for the record i couldnt give a cow about the course reference.

It was the fact that the thread said plasterer looking to team up with another plasterer to share work.

Well forgive me but theres no sharing involved its some basically asking for someone else to provide them with work.

2 totally different things.

And for the record i wouldnt let anyone whose only been plastering 3 months anywhere near 1 of my paying customers and risking a hard earned reputation.

You are at best a labourer still with an insight into plastering and your pay eoukd reflect that!
As for zombie I couldn't give a toss about his opinion. Everyone else I take there point . No more from gday