1. A

    Plasterboard joint over 120 degree angle - how to join

    Hi all, I have this on my landing. I recently moved in so I have had to remove the plasterboard due to holes and all the cracking. The previous owner slid the plasterboard in red behind the plasterboard in blue and looks like just plastered the gap to create a curved joint. I want to create a...
  2. H

    Plasterboard delivered with cracks - should it be sent back?

    Just had a pallet of plasterboard delivered. Planning to put it on the ceiling myself, then have a pro skim it. Never bought plasterboard before though, so not sure if this is OK to use. About half of the sheets look to be damaged. You can see what looks like splitting on the paper, and...
  3. M

    How to tidy up gap between electric fireplace edges and plasterboard?

    Our joiner created media wall and all looks great now it is painted except the join between plasterboard and black metal electric fire surround edge (open on side). There's gaps and rough surfaces.Would best bet be to just caulk the gaps and then paint over again? Not sure there's room to add...
  4. A

    Plasterboard on window/door frames - any advice?

    Hi all, We’re week 7 into our garage conversion and the builders have installed the french doors with windows either side, and just completed the plaster boarding and plastering. Upon painting, we’ve noticed the wall timber frame, plasterboard and plaster have gone completely over the frames. Is...
  5. J

    Overboarding with spotlights and a ceiling fan.

    Got a client who wants he ceiling overboarded. I've overboarded ceilings before but these ceilings in question have spotlights and a ceiling fan, can I disconnect the lights, tape it up do the ceiling and put it back again and any tips on the fan would be a great help. Added a picture of the fan...
  6. O

    Plasterboard repair to original plaster

    Hi all, Need some newbie advice, had to repair a couple of broken breeze blocks in a dividing wall. Ended up replacing with a wooden frame so I could run radiator pipes into the wall at the same time. I plan to plasterboard over the frame and blend this into the old plaster with a light skim...
  7. B

    Fixing tolerances for metal studs

    If fixing tolerances for joining plasterboards are 6mm plus minimum 13mm for cut edges or minimum 10mm for bound edges on timber, then what are the fixing tolerances when fixing onto metal frames? Considering most metal c stud profiles provide only 32-34mm, and there could be a maximum...
  8. B

    Hello everyone

    I'd like to insulate my concrete garage and I'm not sure if I need more insulation? Internally I plan to: 1. Paint the concrete slabs and roof with anti condensation concrete paint 2. Use DIY spray foam insulation kit on the ceiling and walls (...
  9. CeeElle

    Mould on plasterboard - help!

    Me again! I’ve put plasterboard up throughout the lower level of the house and after a week of not being here I’ve come back to mould all over. The house is a ‘building site’ with no heating. Rewind a few weeks and the roof was taken off and redone due to extreme leakage, brickwork reprinted...
  10. P

    Boarding and Multi-Finish

    Hello all, I have finished boarding with soundbloc board and they are tapered edge - I have two bags of multi finish left over brand new from the other day can I use this and scrim to tape and fill the joins? It’s a big area 4m x 2m so I wouldn’t like to skim it all? Any advice would be helpful...
  11. Q

    What to do

    Solid 9" walls all back to brick, lime mortar. Pebble dash at rear original brick at front. What is the correct way to go about putting this back S&C with water proof and skim? S&C up to a meter then dot and dab Batten and board ? The more guys i get in the more confused i am getting...
  12. Wayners

    Ceiling board hanger (plasterboard)

    Interesting tool for one man to fit plasterboard. I'm still sticking to a board lifter but for some this might be an interesting tool. Guess it's been talked about here before? See here
  13. Jack McCombe

    Plaster On Wall

    Looking for any thoughts on my most recent work using a multi-finish on plasterboard...
  14. EugenesDIYDen

    Mushroom Fixings - How Many for an 8 x 4 Sheet?

    So I'm insulating the kitchen with 63mm overall, insulated plasterboard. Kingspan recommended using 18 fixings per board and this is how many I used for attaching the first board. However it seems OTT. Looking at what other people suggest online, I've seen anything ranging from 6 per board to...
  15. M

    Preparing 1960s Plasterboard for Skimming

    Hello: I'm currently preparing a room for skimming; it's a 1960s house which has had artex on the ceilings, and multiple layers of wallpaper on top of lining paper directly on top of the plasterboard on the walls. I'm wanting to completely get rid of the artex, so am stripping it off with a...
  16. D

    Tin walls

    Pricing a job in an office building where the walls are tin and wall papered. Its canny clear that studs are every 400 amd they are easy located as you can feel them with a bit pressure but cant tell if they are wood or tin. Thought i could find joists and screw fix boards to them but cant get a...
  17. richard cairns

    Hi Every One

    A little boarding
  18. K

    Hiding soot stained chimney breast with battens/plywood/plasterboard

    all Just looking for some advice or ideas to cover up the attached picture situation please. Log/coal fire my mum had didn't have flexible flue installed so soot build up in chimney only discovered after painting walls. Getting flue installed now etc but the stains will continue to come...
  19. C

    Bonding between gaps in plasterboard before skim

    Hi all 2 questions around the bonding i had to put on my PB! I dot and dabbed some insulation board onto the external walls in my study-to-be, and ended up with some gaps (both between the ceiling and wall boards and the wall boards themselves). Some small ones about 5mm others quite big about...
  20. I

    Render to plasterboard

    Hi guys Been following the forum for tips for a while. Now it's my turn to seek advice. I'm doing some metre high flood work. I've a couple of walls where doorways have been partitioned and plasterboarded so have came up with the problem. What do you think the best way to link the plasterboard...