patch or skim entire wall?

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I looked at a job yesterday for my mate. Its a flat 11 stories high. I have been asked to remove an electric fire and its surrounding wooden frame. A guy has already came and removed the actual fire( 2 bar heater) and made safe the cables. Now...

Behind the aluminium sheet is about 50mm of concrete where the fire lived. I have been asked to hack off the concrete back to the wall. (area is about 1.2m x 1m). Probably be brick or block. On the other side of the wall is the neighbours flat.

Thing is .. Should I hack it off, hardwall/bonding (depending on background) and skim the area and feathering into the existing wall. 1.2m x 1m is not really a patch. I suggested skimming the whole wall after the backing plaster which is currently painted and the wall is about 4m long by 2.4m high.

What is best approach...



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Id hardwall the blockwork and reskim the lot - if your mate is happy to pay the extra and youre happy to do it, it will look a whole lot better


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Yup............always skim the lot if the client will let you, much more satisfactory result. A patch is always a patch!


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Skim it all as if you don't get your joint spot on your looking at a coulple of trips to easifill and sand


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The plaster drying proces takes 2 hrs be it one small patch or 2 long walls,it still will take to 2hrs to pull in.
so rather than sit around scratching ur balls u might as well do the whole wall like said.
yup as above.. I find it quicker to skim the lot than patch... Sometimes patching is more skilled than actual skimming :)


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thanks lads, the whole wall it is..

The thing is the bloke thought I was trying to have him over, I actually suggested the whole wall as it will look
better and be a better job all around...then the extra few quid came second


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Oh yes one more thing, because the wall is painted matt and if i hardwall/bond the patch,,

Is it best to PVA entire wall, as the painted area will take longer to go off, The hardwall / bonding
will no doubt pull the skim in quicker... or maybe WBA all??
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