Overboard or pull down lath and plaster

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Jack Burton

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I've seen this question asked before of whether to pull down an old lath and plaster ceiling or not. The general consensus is overboard if you can repair it due to the mess.

I think my situation might be different as the attic has been cleared and vacuumed already (bags and bags of black dust and rubble taken out), the old coving had to come down leaving just the lath where it was (you can see into the attic), plus we have a sizable hole where we need to replace some woodwork due to wet rot (now resolved).

The ceiling has a slight dip but the plaster is still attached. I think this is due to weight of the plaster. I'm going to be putting some new beams in the attic to create a floor (using the wall plate and internal wall), so I intend to try to push the ceiling up and attach to get it flat.

If I pull it down I guess it's best to use basic insulation boards and let the insulation in the attic do the rest. My concerns about not pulling it down is it might be as much hassle trying to get the screws into the very think ceiling joists (2cm), plus be more difficult to tie in due to the weight.

Should I repair or pull it down and start a fresh?