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    Overboard or pull down lath and plaster

    Hi I've seen this question asked before of whether to pull down an old lath and plaster ceiling or not. The general consensus is overboard if you can repair it due to the mess. I think my situation might be different as the attic has been cleared and vacuumed already (bags and bags of black...
  2. W

    Overboarding sloping ceiling

    Hello! I've got a garage in thr garden built by the previous owner in 1991. It has a sloping (gable?) roof with a couple of veluxes. It's a cold roof design, with some insulation between the joists, but I want to add some more insulation to the walls and ceiling as i plan to use it as a wfh...
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    Overboarding with spotlights and a ceiling fan.

    Got a client who wants he ceiling overboarded. I've overboarded ceilings before but these ceilings in question have spotlights and a ceiling fan, can I disconnect the lights, tape it up do the ceiling and put it back again and any tips on the fan would be a great help. Added a picture of the fan...