lath and plaster

  1. J

    Overboard or pull down lath and plaster

    Hi I've seen this question asked before of whether to pull down an old lath and plaster ceiling or not. The general consensus is overboard if you can repair it due to the mess. I think my situation might be different as the attic has been cleared and vacuumed already (bags and bags of black...
  2. J

    Asbestos - External render, lath and plaster

    Hi, would appreciate some help. Had a look around and it appears that some cement and plaster may contain asbestos. as with most plasterers I have spent lots of time hacking off external sand and cement render and old lath and plaster… has this contained asbestos in the uk? The education on...
  3. L

    Lath and Plaster

    Hi, I am in need if some advice.... our master bedroom has lath and plaster ceilings and walls and 2 of the corners are cracking and about to fall away from the walls where through the gap you can see the laths underneath. As a complete novice what would be the recommendations to have it fixed...
  4. SJ Miller

    lath and plaster ceiling- rip out or replaster with lime

    Newbie to the forum. Have a 1930s semidetached bungalow have taken several rooms back to brick, going to lime render, and lime skim. But not sure what to do about the ceilings. Have taken the plaster off, back to the lath, about a third of the ceiling came away with the wood chip wallpaper. And...