More Time With Extratime™

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I,ve been using my product for over 12 month now on a varity of different backgrounds browning/bonding.plasterboards and also re-skimming walls.up to now I have,nt had any bad feedback from my customers it,s also been used and tested by a a lot of plasterers I know and has been in my local merchants for a while now I hav,nt had any bad feedback of plaster being weakend.

in testing its been used on up to mixing four bags at once and still works the same.

Four bags at once, interesting. (y)
No good for @Danny though that's a years worth of skim for him :D

Ca must be like calcium or something. O is oxygen maybe? S is silicone? its like breaking bad
Yeah I was on about chancers & Cowboys horror stories because they don't know what they are doing, not the product.
But trust me there will be people on here moaning about something about it, there always is, someone moaning about one thing or another on here lol:sisi:

Welcome along by the way (y)

extratime has been created mainly for your professional plasterer for use on walls and cielings that are,s all down to how quick you are.we all have,s also there to help your part time plasterer cover more.

Ok then mark well when you get some extratime free from making extratime, use that extratime to make lesstime but only if you have the time to make lesstime, if not carry on making extratime all the time (y)
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