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Ever found yourself needing a little extra time when plastering large walls or ceilings? Eazymix Ltd. have developed a unique plaster retarder specifically aimed at helping the trade plasterer.

Developed by Mark Shepherd, who is a trade plasterer with over 20 years’ experience, the unique chemical retarder slows the chemical crystal formation that causes the gypsum plaster to set.



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Can some of the big gauge site guys explain if this is better for them..i only do small sets but interested to here what their thought's are on it,thanks


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Personally I couldn't think of anything worse than slowing down a set.

But what interests me though is the claim it slows it down by up to 60mins, so could actually only be 5 mins in reality ?
it can add an extra 60 mins onto the setting time... I am doing a bucket test thursday..... will film it and show results
the uses... when you are on your tod and you know you are going to be stretching yourself...

when the labourer is a no show...

for awkward jobs...

Handy to have in the tool kit.. How many times has it been asked on here how to slow a set down and the cream of tartar recommended... this is an exact measurement unlike a guess with c.o.t


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Definitely a good idea if it works consistently. would be interesting to see what would happen if it actually failed though. never really used cream of tartar myself so couldnt compare.

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