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  1. R

    Colour match Weber Chalk render

    We have used Weber Chalk to render as part of an extension and would like to paint the existing walls the same colour but I'm struggling to find a RAL code for it. Does anyone know which paint best matches Weber Chalk or whether the RAL code is available anywhere?
  2. M

    Monocouche over decorative stone

    I'd like to render over a small section of decorative stone and really need some advice or the correct method. I'd planned to use weber pral m, just because this is the product I have done the most research on. I was going to apply rendaid as a key, then use one coat base render with mesh to...
  3. K

    Weber render repair

    Hi , Hope this Is the right place to post ... Basically our property sustained some damage to the render on Xmas day courtesy of a drink driver . The house is done in Weber Monocouche and He damaged the render down to the bead on the corner , pictures below . it’s all going through his...
  4. J

    PRB Monocoche vs. Weber

    Hi I am looking for some suggestion. Building our house and now at the stage where we need to carry out exterior rendering. Our preference in Monocoche rendering purely because of less maintenance and painting later on. My plasterer is suggesting PRB which I haven't heard of. I know Weber...
  5. L

    Advice needed on stained flags

    Hi all, i have had a contractor in and he has dropped some weber mushroom on the flags and i cant get it off! i have tried brick acid but it hasn't budged can anyone recommend a cleaner or method Thanks Les
  6. H

    Advice for DIYer using Krend

    I've built a small garden wall using 7Kn blocks and want to render it and am thinking of using Krend (ye don't laugh) or Weber. I like the idea of using a coloured render (rather than sand and cement) since I don't want mess about painting it every couple of years. Im thinking of using white and...
  7. H

    K-rend, Stonepack or Weber

    Hi folks, new to the forum. I have a newly built breeze block outhouse which I will have white rendered. I have two quotes both about the same price. One quote is from a nice guy, you can tell hes a grafter, suggesting he does the job using Stonepack, hes also heard good things about using...
  8. Bluebells

    K Rend or Weber

    I’ve recently had a new porch built and with the walls inside the porch now being plastered (previously bare brick) it’s become apparent how bad our rendering is, as every time it rains, the new plaster is soaked from water getting in. We’re now looking at knocking the current rendering off...
  9. Bluebells

    K-rend, Weber, and weather conditions

    I’ve recently had a new porch built and with the walls inside the porch now being plastered (previously bare brick) it’s become apparent how bad our rendering is. I’ve just spoken to one plasterer who when I said I wanted k-rend (as I was advised this by an electrician earlier today as it has...
  10. D

    Need some advice on weber rendering

    Good morning all, so just wanted some advice, based in new eltham 1,I have had the front of my house rendered in graphite grey weber render, it was hand done, unfortunately the bay area which was battened and boarded with marine ply then had the pink netting and metal mesh pinned on came out...