1. R

    K-Rend London

    New Area Sales Manager for London Rory Talbot [email protected] Instagram: @Krendking Anything you need let me know
  2. R

    K Rend Flower Bed Installation Question

    Good afternoon - just had K Rend cladding completed 3 days ago but its still very wet an mushy (please see photos ) and advice would be greatly appreciated Base - Primer - and TC used ......
  3. P

    Rendering over new cork render

    Hi, im after a bit of help, weve had a nightmare with our render, been ongoing for nearly a year. we’ve had our house sprayed in cork render and to be honest the final finish is crap. They originally supplied the wrong colour, agreed theyd messed up and sent someone out again with the correct...
  4. M

    K-Rend damp patches after rain

    Hi there, I'm just after some help/advice please. We have had a rear ground and first floor extension which has been fully rendered in K-Rend. When we get a lot of rain i'm seeing damp looking patches on the first floor external walls, at first i was thinking it was the window sill, but can see...
  5. C

    Damaged K-Rend

    We have just finished an extension project which was finished with k-rend. We had guys in today to dig out our garden to be paved and they have hit the render with their digger! Can this be fixed? What’s the easiest/cheapest solution? Thanks
  6. R

    K rend tc primer

    Was wondering if you can use different colour primer to the tc silicone
  7. R

    K rend tc primer

    Just want to know if you can use a white primer on colours like ash white, causeway etc
  8. T

    K-rend price rise

    Hi all We were due to have the front of our house re-rendered with k-rend. Had the old loose sand and cement knocked back and the builder is claiming he's under priced it and is going to either walk away or ask for more money. Searching around, general guide prices range between £35 to £50...
  9. G

    Wire poking out of K-Rend

    Hi, I've just had the rendering on our house done with K-Rend. Overall it looks really good but next to the front door there is a wire poking out which doesn't look nice. Previously this was bare brick and the telephone wire ran across the wall. The loop is just before the hole in the wall...
  10. R

    K-Rend concern.

    Hi experts. During this covid period I had my house K-rendered. This was purely done due to the old bricks being painted over, some walls were pebble dashed and painted. I also had my windows changed so there was a lot of cement patches around the windows. It was all looking old and cracked, so...
  11. L

    K Rend damp marks?

    Hi - Recently I've noticed random damp patches on my 3 year old K render below a window and near frontdoor entrance. The damp markings seem to be worse when bad weather hits. When the weather is nicer the staining is still present I believe - less so maybe as the aspect is south facing so may...
  12. H

    Advice for DIYer using Krend

    I've built a small garden wall using 7Kn blocks and want to render it and am thinking of using Krend (ye don't laugh) or Weber. I like the idea of using a coloured render (rather than sand and cement) since I don't want mess about painting it every couple of years. Im thinking of using white and...
  13. R

    Krend- patching under window

    Hi there I know patching any mono render can sometimes almost be impossible but I have been asked by a window fitter to try and repair under the window. It will be hacked off and a clean cut from the window sill down around 400mm to the bead. I have made him aware that mono upto mono with out a...
  14. L

    Silicone Rend vs Monocouche Rend

    Im looking to rend top part (first floor is bricks) to remove pebble dash. Been quoted Monocouche finish 2200 and silicone Rend 3900. Is Silicone render worht the additional cost? Both will have mesh so expect same performance when comes to cracking. But Silicone seems to repel water which could...
  15. L

    Silicon Rend vs Monocouche

    Getting top part (ground floor is nice bricks) to remove pebble dash finish. Quote for Monocouche was 2200 and for Silicon Rend 3900. Is the additional really worth in the long run? Both are going to have a mesh, so cracking wise assume same. only this Silicon render water repellent ability im...
  16. H

    K-rend, Stonepack or Weber

    Hi folks, new to the forum. I have a newly built breeze block outhouse which I will have white rendered. I have two quotes both about the same price. One quote is from a nice guy, you can tell hes a grafter, suggesting he does the job using Stonepack, hes also heard good things about using...
  17. Bluebells

    K Rend or Weber

    I’ve recently had a new porch built and with the walls inside the porch now being plastered (previously bare brick) it’s become apparent how bad our rendering is, as every time it rains, the new plaster is soaked from water getting in. We’re now looking at knocking the current rendering off...
  18. Bluebells

    K-rend, Weber, and weather conditions

    I’ve recently had a new porch built and with the walls inside the porch now being plastered (previously bare brick) it’s become apparent how bad our rendering is. I’ve just spoken to one plasterer who when I said I wanted k-rend (as I was advised this by an electrician earlier today as it has...
  19. G

    k-rend hp12 single coat?

    Hi, I'm new on here and would like some advice please! Would k-rend hp12 suffice as a one and only finish coat? This would be on top of block work with mesh. Single coat of hp12, stippled, then 2 coats of paint. Would this be satisfactory? K-rend recommend their finishing coat of kmix GP...
  20. E

    Can you go over k render with and sand and cement 4 in 1 mix?

    Hi Can someone help answer my questions? if k render is applied to a garage and has stared to show the block work,then the customer mentions they would like it sand and cement rendered now, is it possible to SBR the k render then apply a 4 in 1 scratch coat? Thanks
  21. richard cairns

    Hi just to say hello

    a few things we done Plastering
  22. K rend with speedskim

    K rend with speedskim

    k rend with speedskim
  23. S

    Weber on top of K-Rend

    Hi all, I am a HO and am currently having some rendering work done to my mid-terraced house. We kept the old sand and cement render underneath but had all the bad knocked off. On the front our renderer's used Weber.pral M and we are happy with it. On the back they used a K-Rend. We weren't...
  24. B

    K-rend or similar quote

    Hi, Looking for a quote to K-rend or simlilar link detached house in Midlands, 5 mins from junction 24 on M1 following house extension. Must provide guarantee of works. Approx 160m2 The property is not currently rendered, please see attached elevation plans. Contact me on...