how would you deal with this?

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I done an outside this time last year chipped of all the original plaster customer wanted dry dash done bands n stuff turned out really well neighbour came out saying I broke a plant pot got down had a look told him sorry for that had a good look couldn't find the broken bit of pot or the chippings that supposedly caused it I basically told him what he wanted to hear done job then went boy was a chancer though I dont rely on getting all my own work mac so I see your concern but if he put a bad review on your site just get the customer who you done the work for put up a review saying that you done an excellent job and that the neighbour is just jealous because the customer was getting work done which is normally the case tbh thats why I like working for some contractors and fit alot of my work round them came across far to many arse holes when we were getting are own work


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Well in anyone's interested, this got resolved.

i offered to clean gutters but explained I would charge him if anything dropped out that wasn't render, he replied that he's cleaned them and continued to moan.

in the end I told him I'd report him to police if he continued to harass me, I offered to clean them, he refused so that's his problem.

hopefully that will be the end of that.
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